Funny little bird coin, with a funny name that aims to change the way we use and look at cryptocurrency in the future. 


Squishy coin has optional privacy protocol known as zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge, or zk-SNARKs for short. This privacy technology is also sometimes called "zero knowledge proofs." This allows Squishy Coin to be sent privately between wallets as an option.


Squishy Coin is minable with GPU, and ASIC miners using the Equihash 200,9 algorithm.


With 25% of the blocks going to staking, holding coins brings real incentive and passive income.


Squishy Coin has its own core QT wallets and is on AtomicDEX non-costodial wallet/exchange. You control and hold your own private keys.


Squishy Coin is a standalone blockchain that is open source without a centralized authority.


Only 23 million coins will ever be produced!

coin specifications



SquishyCoin (SQCN) is a cryptocurrency that leverages the Equihash 200,9 algorithm, zk-SNARKs technology, and a decentralized architecture to offer secure and private transactions. By combining the features of Equihash, zk-SNARKs, and decentralization, SQCN aims to address the increasing demand for privacy and anonymity in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Technical Specifications

Mining Algorithm: Equihash 200,9

Privacy and Anonymity: zk-SNARKs

Decentralized Architecture

Features and Functionality

Privacy and Anonymity

Open Source

Secure and Immutable

Future Potential Coin Price

Use Cases

Private Transactions


Currently Squishy Coin is tradable on Xeggex.com but more exchanges are in the works as well as AtomicDEX.

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